Sociology of Aging

An examination of aging as a social process rather than simply a biological one. Topics include understanding the diversity of the aging population; examining beliefs, norms, and values regarding aging and how these impact the aging experience; and exploring aging and ageism as they relate to areas of social stratification including family, employment, income, housing, and health and illness. Prerequisite: ENG 102

Clinical Practicum III

Continuation of assigned rotations from Clinical Practicum II. Twenty-four hours of clinical experience per week.

Advanced Cardiology

The course is an introduction to Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) and provides the basis for responding to a critical care event. Topics covered include patient assessment, airway management, ECG rhythm interpretation, treatment protocols, pharmacological agents, and critical care algorithms. ACLS certification is required at the conclusion of the course.

Clinical Procedures II

Continuation of the study of clinical theory as it applies to nuclear medicine procedures including development of skills in image analysis, data collection, and case presentations.

Introduction to Clinical Practice

An introduction to the basic principles of clinical education. Course will include an overview of commonly performed nuclear medicine procedures, medical informatics, and radiation safety aspects including radiation monitoring and detection devices. Course includes two credit hours theory and two credit hours supervised clinical experience.

Laboratory Mgmt And Research

This course is a study of the principles of laboratory administration and operating a clinical laboratory. Topics include human resource management, operations management, governmental regulations, standards, users and research design/practice for the supervisor and laboratory manager. Two hours lecture. Prerequisites MLS 301, MLS 306, MLS 320, MLS 315, MLS 325, MLS 330, MLS 335, MLS 400, MLS 405, MLS 410, and admission into the MLS program. Corequisite: Must enroll in all MLS courses offered in the trimester.

Bapt College Online/Completion Exp

Assists students in online/completion programs in the transition to academic life at Baptist College of Health Sciences. Focuses on their personal, academic, and professional growth and development. Ensures they have knowledge and training for use of College resources, and understand the roles and responsibilities of the Baptist College Healthcare Team.

Org Comm & Media Relations for HCM

Provides a foundation for understanding and appreciating the complexities and dynamics associated with planning and operationalizing internal and external health care organizational communications in both public and private institutions; examines the role(s) that media relations plays in organizational crises management in the health care arena; and provides an appreciation of the need for responsible leadership in crisis communication situations.


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