Population Health Edu and Promotion

An introduction to the principles and strategies for health education in public health practice settings focusing on best practices for intervention and education development. Pre-requisite: POH 315

Special Topics in Pop Health

Study of selected topics or current issues in Population Health. Provides students opportunities to engage in and explore various topics pertinent to the field of public health. Course may be repeated with permission from the Chair.

Population Health Capstone

Students test theoretical knowledge against real life practical experiences, and to integrate basic and advanced concepts acquired during their education. The capstone will include Internships based in local public health departments and public health community organizations. Culminating in a project that demonstrates understanding of the application of public health theory, principles, and methods in real-life settings. Pre-requisite: POH 430

Population Health Profession

An analysis of the multiple determinants of health including medical care, socioeconomics, the interactions of the physical environment and individual behavior, and ethical and managerial issues in population health improvement. Focus on the use and collection of quantitative and qualitative data to inform their public health/population health work. This course will provide a practical approach to analyzing and using existing data sources. Successful completion of this course is required for enrollment in POH 450 Population Health Capstone.

Children and Families

An interdisciplinary approach providing foundational knowledge about current issues in health and society, both globally and domestically, that impact maternal and children?s health, which includes women of reproductive age, infants, children and families. A special emphasis is placed on the role of poverty in health issues and processes for women and children. Pre-requisite: POH 401

Global Ethics and Justice

Explores the ethical and philosophical basis of population health research, practice, and policy. Ethical theories are explored and critically examined, with a focus on their application to public health. Emphasis is placed on health disparities, health equity, and social justice, particularly as these concepts relate to the global community. Pre-requisite: PHI 301

Population Health Program Planning

Examine key principles of community health promotion, education, and community based participatory research (CBPR). Emphasis is placed on identifying challenges in working with diverse populations. An experiential lab component will engage students in the processes of education and intervention development. Pre-requisite: POH 401

Global Chronic Diseas

Focuses on emerging chronic diseases that affect local, national and international populations. Students will evaluate the epidemiology data, major risk factors and approaches to reducing the impact of chronic disease in the population. Pre-requisite: POH 315

Promoting Positive Youth Developmnt

An overview of youth development concepts, principles, theoretical frameworks and practices to help advance adolescent health and promote positive youth development. Emphasis is placed on methods for promotion of positive youth development, and the relevance of adolescent health for the public, medical science, and public health. Pre-requisite: POH 315

Aspects of Environmental Health

POH 330 Aspects of Environmental Health (3)
Examines environmental factors that affect human health. Topics include health hazards associated with contaminated water, food and air, vectors of disease, exposure to toxic chemicals, environmental regulations and safety in the work place. Pre-requisite: POH 315


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