Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment is an opportunity for Memphis Academy of Health Sciences students to earn college credit while meeting the requirements for high school graduation.

What are the benefits of Dual Enrollment?

Getting a head start on college by earning college credit while meeting high school graduation requirements. You’ll get a firsthand look at the college workload; you’ll have more college experience than many other entering freshmen. You’ll save hundreds of dollars in tuition costs for classes that you’d have to pay for later at full price.

Can I use these courses toward high school graduation?

Yes, with the approval of your high school.

Will Dual Enrollment courses transfer to other colleges and universities?

It has been our experience that in most cases the courses transfer without a problem. However, I would consult the school(s) you are planning to attend after high school graduation to be sure.

What is the Dual Enrollment grant and how much does it cover for each course?

The dual enrollment grant is funded through the state lottery and is available to apply toward the cost of courses at the selected college. Refer to the link below for additional information on the grant amounts.

Where can I find the Dual Enrollment online grant application?

When is the deadline to apply for Dual Enrollment grant?

September 15th for fall 2018

February 1st for spring 2019

If I decide to withdraw from the course, what do I do?

Contact your academic guidance counselor, Joyce Niter immediately and Christopher Cotton Baptist College Admissions Officer at 901-572-2465.

How do I order a transcript to be sent to other colleges or universities to which I am applying?

To order an official transcript, please visit 

When is the last day to pay tuition?

September 4th for fall 2018

January 3rd for spring 2019

Who is my contact at the college?

Your main contact person at the college is Christopher Cotton. You can reach Chris at 901-572-2465 or you can send him an email at

How do I go about getting books for class?

For information on your textbooks for class, please visit

What is the cost for a Dual Enrollment course?

Tuition is $133 per credit hour. Most courses are 3 hour credits, but course credit may vary. Payment for dual enrollment courses will be handled through the Business Office at Baptist College. If you are a Tennessee resident, you may qualify for the TN Dual Enrollment Grant.

What do I need to do if I want to attend Baptist College when I graduate?

The Baptist College Office of Admissions will be happy to help! Students will need to submit an application for admission, available online (

Additional items- (transcript, test scores, etc.) would also be required. For more information, contact Christopher Cotton at 901-575-2465.