Pro Nurs Role/Quality Care Pt Safe

NSG 462 Professional Nursing Role/Quality Care and Patient Safety (4)
This course builds on professionalism and the values needed in the professional nurse role. Focus is on examining the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed of a nurse leader to provide high quality and safe patient care. A portion of the course focuses on the translation of current evidence and how the evidence is applied to nursing practice. Informatics and technology are integrated throughout the course. Topics include nursing leadership in the 21st century, healthcare reform, quality care initiatives, patient care delivery and the work environment, patient-centered care-HCAPS, reimbursement, and recognition. Four credit hours theory. Must be taken concurrently with NSG 463. This course is for the RN-BSN student only. Prerequisites: NSG 335 and Co-requisite: NSG 452.

NSG 462
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