Peer tutors are provided for individual and group tutoring in the CAE free of charge in the following subjects: anatomy and physiology I and II, pathophysiology, algebra, physics, microbiology, chemistry, writing, and adult I and II nursing.

Tips for scheduling a tutoring appointment

  • Check the tutor's hours before scheduling an appointment; they can only meet during their posted times.
  • You (and your group) must be present to be tutored.  Emailed papers are not accepted.
  • Give tutors at least 24 hours notice.  They have 24 hours to respond to your appointment request.
  • Be considerate of others.  If you are unable to meet during your appointment time, let the tutors know in advance, so someone else can meet during that time.

Supplemental Instruction
Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a peer assisted group study session. SI was designed to assist students in courses that had proven to be difficult. SI leaders are students who have either previously taken the courses or who attend the current classes and demonstrate exceptional study skills.

These sessions are open to all students currently taking Adult I, Adult II, and College Algebra. Attendance is voluntary, the service is free, and data has shown that participants improve by a half or whole letter grade.