Biomedical Sciences Students looking at a heart

If you are a student who is preparing for a career in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, physical therapy, optometry, biomedical research, or other health related fields, biomedical sciences is definitely the major for you. This major is also ideal for students who are interested in the health care field but are not yet sure of their specific goals. The biomedical sciences major at Baptist College combines dynamic human health science courses with quality general education. Students are encouraged to get involved in organizations that develop leadership skills.

Opportunities to develop health care research projects enhance the strong science-based curriculum which prepares students for graduate school. A biomedical sciences major will have a unique advantage to complete courses that often are limited to graduate students; courses such as histology, immunology, epidemiology, and infectious diseases. Providing these courses at the undergraduate level gives our biomedical sciences graduates a competitive edge for admission to graduate and professional programs.

Curriculum highlights

  • A strong science foundation with over 60 hours of course work in the disciplines of biology and chemistry, including courses in genetics, histology, microbiology, pathophysiology, immunology, epidemiology, and infectious diseases.
  • General education courses which include biomedical ethics, spiritual aspects of health care, medical sociology, U.S. health care systems, literature and medicine, and medical writing.

Top reasons for choosing Biomedical Sciences at Baptist College

  • Extensive health science foundation that gives graduates a competitive edge for acceptance to graduate school
  • Individual curriculum planning based upon your long-term goals
  • Three-year track for students who wish to pursue early admission to graduate school
  • Prepares students for postgraduate education in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, pharmacy, optometry, physician assistant, and other health-related fields.
  • Opportunities for research and internships.
  • Graduate/professional placement.
  • Faith-based atmosphere.

“The greatest aspect of my educational experience thus far at Baptist would be the willingness of the professors to help you succeed. They provide each student with countless resources, including their own time, to allow you to flourish in your academics.” Will Curry


The mission of the biomedical sciences program is to prepare students in their pursuit for admission into graduate and professional schools and/or careers in the health sciences field.

Program Goals:

  • To provide students with the opportunity to acquire the concepts, facts, principles, terminology, and theories fundamental to all health care professions and related fields.
  • To develop skills deemed necessary for continued intellectual growth.
  • To aid students in developing a strong foundation in the discipline that will make them nationally competitive for admission into graduate programs.

Program Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the biomedical sciences program, the graduate will:

  • Apply concepts in the biological sciences, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.
  • Integrate concepts in the biological sciences, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.
  • Demonstrate scientific literacy.
  • Use analytical skills.
  • Evaluate ethical dimensions in scientific research.
  • Examine differences within diverse populations and how they integrate individuals within the community as a whole.