Alumni Reunion Form

Reservation deadline is by April 19th.
Please indicate which events you will attend

Saturday, April 27

Luncheon at Baptist College
Baptist College Collaboration Building
1115 Union Avenue, Memphis TN 38104
11:30 am
$20 per person
RSVP Required - opening March 15th
Come see our new space - located on Union Avenue in the large white building behind the nursing building. Join us for lunch and a tour of the new space.
Evening Alumni Gathering at Loflin Yard
7 W Carolina Avenue, Memphis, TN 38103
6:30 pm
$25 per person
Includes food, beverage, and a special souvenir RSVP required
Join us at our outdoor party space at Loflin Yard - a hip, Memphis-area event space in the heart of downtown. This event will be outdoors and in a rugged, backyard-like area. 

Graduates from the classes ending in “4” and “9”, including the anniversary classes of 1969 and 1994, are planning reunion gatherings. Other classes that would like to plan a reunion are encouraged to email for assistance with class lists and mailing a special letter.

The College has discounted hotel rates at LaQuinta Inn & Suites and Holiday Inn Memphis. LaQuinta is offering a discounted rate of $109 per night for a room, parking, WiFi and breakfast. Please call 901-522-2383 and mention “Baptist Health Science” to
reserve a room at LaQuinta Inn & Suites. Holiday Inn Memphis is offering a discounted rate of $129 per night for a room with one king bed or two double beds. Please call 901-678-8200 and mention “Baptist” to reserve a room at the Holiday Inn Memphis.


Checks should be made payable to Baptist College of Health Sciences
Please send your payment to Cristen Adkins, Baptist College of Health Sciences, 1003 Monroe Ave, Memphis, TN 38104. Or you may process your credit card payment by phone by calling Cristen at 901-572-2593.