2019 Alumni Reunion Information

Luncheon at Baptist College
Baptist College Collaboration Building
1115 Union Avenue, Memphis TN 38104
11:30 am
$20 per person
RSVP Required - opening March 15th
Come see our new space - located on Union Avenue in the large white building behind the nursing building. Join us for lunch and a tour of the new space.
Evening Alumni Gathering at Loflin Yard
7 W Carolina Avenue, Memphis, TN 38103
6:30 pm
$25 per person
Includes food, beverage, and a special souvenir RSVP required
Join us at our outdoor party space at Loflin Yard - a hip, Memphis-area event space in the heart of downtown. This event will be outdoors and in a rugged, backyard-like area. 


Graduates from the classes ending in “4” and “9”, including the anniversary classes of 1969 and 1994, are planning reunion gatherings. Other classes that would like to plan a reunion are encouraged to email alumni@bchs.edu for assistance with class lists and mailing a special letter.

The College has discounted hotel rates at LaQuinta Inn & Suites and Holiday Inn Memphis. LaQuinta is offering a discounted rate of $109 per night for a room, parking, WiFi and breakfast. Please call 901-522-2383 and mention “Baptist Health Science” to
reserve a room at LaQuinta Inn & Suites. Holiday Inn Memphis is offering a discounted rate of $129 per night for a room with one king bed or two double beds. Please call 901-678-8200 and mention “Baptist” to reserve a room at the Holiday Inn Memphis.

To RSVP, visit bchs.edu/alumnireunion