Minor in Health Administration

A health administration minor is offered as an elective option to all students currently enrolled at the Baptist College of Health Sciences. The minor in health administration provides clinical students a base knowledge in the foundations of health care, as well as the critical nuances of managing people and systems. Topics such as budgeting, scheduling, motivation, feedback, and process management are areas that students will learn in order to be more efficient and effective managers. The minor consists of five management courses totaling 15 credit hours. These courses may be taken concurrently with your degree requirements.

Health Administration Required Courses:

  • HCM 425 Health Administration Info Systems
  • HCM 305 Principles of Health Care Management & Leadership
  • HCM 330 Human Resource Management

Elective Courses (pick two):

  • HCM 325 Health Care Marketing
  • HCM 350 Organizational Behavior and Development
  • HCM 360 Quality Improvement in Health Care
  • HCM 370 Health Care Finance
  • HCM 345 Organizational Communications and Media Relations in Health Care
  • HCM 440 Legal Environment of Health Care
  • HCM 450 Strategic Management
  • HCM 475 Operations Management in Health Care
  • HCM 442 Managerial Epidemiology, Population Health & Health Policy
  • HCM 445 Quantitative Methods for Health Care Management