Interdisciplinary Studies Minor

A minor in interdisciplinary studies offers students the opportunity to choose a combination of courses that are relevant to meeting their professional goals and enhances personal interest. To earn the minor, students need to complete 15 credit hours selected from a specified list of courses, which must include one (1) laboratory-based science course (4 hours), one (1) math course (3 hours), and the required seminar class (1 hour.)

These courses may be taken concurrently with the degree requirements.  In order to earn this minor from Baptist College, 8 credit hours must be completed at Baptist College.  If a course is required in a student’s declared major, it cannot also apply toward the minor.

All courses completed in the Interdisciplinary Studies minor will be placed on the official transcript as courses completed at Baptist College but a minor will not be awarded without the completion of a bachelor’s degree from Baptist College

Required Course:    
HSC 360 Seminar Course 1 credit hour
Elective Courses:    
HS 202 Medical Terminology 2 credit hours
BIO 110 General Biology I 4 credit hours
BIO 120 General Biology I 4 credit hours
BIO 205 Microbiology 4 credit hours
BIO 301 Pathophysiology 3 credit hours
BIO 315 Environmental Microbiology 3 credit hours
BIO 340 Histology 4 credit hours
BIO 350 Genetics 3 credit hours
BIO 360 Applied Anatomy & Physiology 3 credit hours
BIO 370 Infectious Diseases 2 credit hours
BIO 390 Immunology 3 credit hours
CHE 115 College Chemistry I 4 credit hours
CHE 215 College Chemistry II 4 credit hours
CHE 210 Organic Chemistry I 4 credit hours
CHE 220 Organic Chemistry II 4 credit hours
CHE 310 Biochemistry 4 credit hours
ENG 103 Writing for Health Care Prof. 1 credit hour
HSC 320 Research for Health Prof. 3 credit hours
HSC 350 Perspectives in Epidemiology 3 credit hours
MAT 211 Statistics 3 credit hours
MAT 230 Advanced Statistics 3 credit hours
MAT 240 Elements of Calculus 3 credit hours
PHY 310 Physics I 4 credit hours
PHY 320 Physics II 4 credit hours
PSY 320 Abnormal Psychology 3 credit hours