The MLT to BHS program is designed for licensed medical laboratory technicians who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Health Science in Medical Laboratory Science and want to advance their education. Graduates of the medical laboratory science program will qualify for employment in a variety of settings such as education, supervision, or management positions, and technical consultants.


The general education courses offered at Baptist College allow for flexibility in scheduling. Candidates have to complete 65 hours to include 18 hours in natural sciences and 18 hours in chemistry. Please review the college website or catalog for specific course requirements.

Once admitted into the MLS program, candidates will begin the MLS courses in January and complete the program in December.

The MLT to BHS curriculum will provide students with a quality academic and professional environment. Upon completion of the BHS in MLS degree, graduates are eligible to sit for the national certification examination in the category of medical laboratory scientist. The program can be completed within one year upon receipt of the professional block credits (18 credit hours.)



MLT to BHS degree applicants who meet the admission criteria for Baptist College and the MLS program will receive block credit for 18 hours:

MLS301 Urinalysis                           (2)

MLS320 CLN Lab Tech                    (1)

MLS311 Coagulations                      (2)

MLS306 CLN Immunology             (2)

MLS315 Hematology I                     (3)

MLS340 Intro to CLN Practicum    (3)

MLS410 Clinical Practicum I           (5)


Applicants must submit proof/documentation of an active, unencumbered MLT certification from a national certification agency recognized by the Tennessee Medical Laboratory Board.