Goals & Learning Outcomes

DNP Program Goals

The goals for Doctor of Nursing Practice education at Baptist College are to prepare professional nurses for advanced nursing practice who:

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in planning and health care delivery.
  • Provide multidisciplinary leadership through analysis of critical health indicators to promote high quality health care.
  • Develop and implement models of care and healthcare policies to effect desired change at different system levels.
  • Successfully pass the credentialing examination in their specific population foci.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice

The curriculum guiding the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) includes full-time and part-time options for academic study. The doctoral curriculum builds upon the baccalaureate nursing framework and essential competencies.  The doctoral curriculum includes the adult-gerontology acute care concentration with a total of 63 credit hours.  The program learning outcomes reflect the expected student learning outcomes for which the program is preparing its graduates.

DNP Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Integrate nursing science with knowledge from the biopsychosocial, analytical, and organizational sciences as the basis for the highest level of nursing practice.
  2. Critically analyze complex clinical situations, organizational practices and systems to improve health care delivery and outcomes.
  3. Demonstrate advanced competencies in research utilization for the improvement of clinical care delivery, patient outcomes and systems management.
  4. Use information systems and technology to advance practice and transform health care.
  5. Use effective collaborative skills in inter-professional practice to create change in health policy, patient outcomes, and health care delivery.
  6. Assume leadership roles in the development, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based practice approaches to improve health outcomes of diverse populations.
  7. Demonstrate advanced levels of clinical judgment and scholarship in nursing practice.