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Student Responsibilities

Student responsibilities in accessing accommodations include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Student must meet with faculty members and provide each with a copy of the Academic Accommodation Notification Form during the first week of classes, or within one week of being granted an accommodation. The disability services coordinator will provide the student with enough copies to distribute to each faculty member for the current trimester.
  2. Students must initiate contact with the disability services coordinator prior to the beginning of each subsequent trimester or mini-session to obtain Academic Accommodation Notification forms for each of the faculty who teaches the courses in which they are enrolled. Students may choose to e-mail the coordinator a list with the first and last names of faculty needing notification at
  3. Students are responsible for ensuring that all paperwork and documentation is provided to the disability services coordinator.
  4. Students must notify their faculty members and the coordinator if they elect not to use an approved accommodation. A Waiver of Student Rights form must be completed by the student and witnessed by the teacher or the coordinator. The waiver form is then placed in the student’s file in the disability services office.
  5. Students should contact the disability service coordinator immediately if there are any problems with the manner in which their accommodations are being provided.
  6. Remember that accommodations are not a guarantee of a certain grade or success in a particular class; rather, they are for the purposes of providing equal access to education.

Any additional questions regarding services for students with disabilities may be directed to the disability services coordinator at 901-572-2660.