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Job Shadowing

How will I know the right major for me?

This is a very important question and a very important decision for a variety of reasons.  First, because Baptist College is a specialized institution offering only health science majors, we require that students choose their major before acceptance is granted.  Second, at the time of acceptance to the College, you are placed in an anticipated clinical starting date that has limited space.   Therefore, acceptance is limited to the number of clinical spaces available in each major.

In order for you to select the major that is perfect for you, we encourage you to observe, or shadow, that profession as you are considering Baptist College.  There are several opportunities to observe and/or shadow.  First, whether you are a Nursing major or an Allied Health Sciences major, we encourage you to attend one of the open houses offered at the College.  This will give you an opportunity to hear about each major and view the instructional labs, as well as tour the College.   

If you are a Nursing major, shadowing at a hospital and/or clinic is not possible due to regulations regarding patient care.  Nursing majors, therefore, should plan to visit the campus sometime during the admissions process at one of the scheduled open houses in order to observe the Nursing profession.  If it is not possible for you to attend one of the open houses, then if you are accepted and enroll at BCHS, you may contact the Nursing division at BCHS during your first trimester as a student to request an opportunity to shadow during one of the clinical classes.

If you are an Allied Health Sciences major, shadowing at a hospital and/or clinic is possible.  We strongly recommend that you shadow that profession sometime during the admissions process by contacting the appropriate program chair at the Baptist College of Health Sciences for the specific major you have chosen.  The program chair will either schedule a time for you to job shadow in a local hospital/clinic, refer you to the appropriate personnel at a hospital/clinic, or schedule your job shadowing at the College. 

Please note that when job shadowing, you must dress in appropriate attire. Once your job shadowing appointment has been scheduled, please inquire about the dress code at the College, clinic and/or hospital so that you can be assured access to the specific clinical areas at the College or hospital.