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Health Care Management

Health care management professionals

Health care management professionals are often responsible for administrative decisions that impact all facets of the health care organization. Through proficient planning and directing of organizational initiatives, as well as the coordination, and evaluation of the clinical processes and non-clinical services, health care managers play an essential role in ensuring continuous safety and quality-of-care for all patients regardless of the health care setting. 

Baptist Memorial College of Health Science (Baptist College) offers an accelerated bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management, which features courses that focus on aspects of health care quality, health care finance, health care information technology, health care operations management and leadership, and many other areas of study that provide the foundational knowledge necessary for entry into the highly competitive and exciting field of health care management.

Earn a health care management degree in Just 19 months

Designed to meet the needs of adult learners, the Health Care Management program is built upon a sequence of 17 classes that can be completed in just 19 months.

The advantages of this unique Health Care Management degree program include:

  • Classes that meet two evenings each week, as well as online and web-assisted instruction. 
  • Progression through the 19-month program as a cohort (group), which enhances learning opportunities and encourages collaboration and professional networking. 
  • Small class sizes where students receive personal, one-on-one interaction with faculty. 
  • Strong peer support and plenty of shared learning with other students in the cohort. 
  • Courses and curricula which are timely, relevant, and targeted to health care employer needs. 
  • A college-wide and supportive learning environment that encourages faith-based practices and values. 

Build your health are management career with a Baptist College Degree

Health Care Management program graduates have an excellent record of job placement and graduate school acceptance.

The Health Care Management program provides the academic foundation that health care employers look for in the areas of:

  • Health care quality
  • Health care finance
  • Health information technology
  • Health care marketing
  • Health care strategic management
  • Health care regulations and ethics

Program Mission

The Health Care Management program will provide entry level, early careerists, and advancing health care managers a career pathway into the dynamic health care market-place with a solid academic foundation for future success in a variety of health care settings, and fostering the continuing development of necessary leadership and managerial skills.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completion of their course of study, graduates of the Health Care Management program will:
  • Communicate effectively within the health care business environment.
  •  Identify basic principles of sound management practices.
  • Differentiate key characteristics of the health care industry from other industries.
  • Utilize technology appropriately within the health care business environment.
  • Evaluate business strategies at the departmental level within the health care environment.