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Transfer Credit

Credit for transfer will be considered with an official transcript from a regionally accredited college. Additional material such as the course syllabus, outline and/or textbook(s) may be requested in order to assure similar curriculum objectives. Only transcripts submitted as part of the admissions process or before the end of the students first term will be officially evaluated.

Equivalency tables for transfer courses from surrounding colleges are provided to the Registrar's Office by the Dean of General Studies. These tables are developed by the Dean after a review of course descriptions in area college catalogs. Subject matter experts in General Studies are consulted as needed. Using the equivalency tables when applicable, the Registrar's Office prepares a draft of possible transfer credit and sends it to the Dean of General Studies for approval.

Equivalent courses with grades of "C" or above may be accepted from other regionally accredited colleges. If an equivalent course was repeated at one of the regionally accredited colleges, only the last grade made will be considered for transfer credit. Credit accepted from other regionally accredited colleges for specific required courses in General Studies must satisfactorily parallel with courses offered by Baptist College of Health Sciences or meet program-specific areas of focus.

Program-specific courses taken from other colleges will be reviewed by the dean/chair of that particular area for consideration of transfer credit.

Earned credit five years old or less in the following courses may be submitted for review: A & P I, II, Microbology, Chemistry I, II, Pathophysiology and Physics I, II. For completion degree and accelerated degree programs, the five year time limit may not apply. Earned credit three years old or less in computer science courses may be submitted for review. A computer competency examination is available for students with older coursework. All other courses will be reviewed for credit regardless of age.

Transfer credit for courses from non-regionally accredited colleges may be considered by the appropriate dean after review of materials submitted.

The academic deans will use the ACE Manual in determining transfer credit for military experience on a case-by-case basis.

The College has one established articulation agreement with Arkansas State University see page 69.

Transfer credit appeals must be submitted during the student's first term of attendance.