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Student Learning Outcomes

The graduate of the nuclear medicine technology program will be able to:

Perform a broad range of nuclear medicine procedures effectively

  • Eliciting and documentating an accurate patient history.
  • Administering the radiopharmaceutical appropriately
  • Positioning patients according to study protocols
  • Performing general study protocols correctly
  • Performing protocols appropriately according to equipment software
  • Perform the correct quality control procedures on nuclear and ancillary equipment

Exercise independent judgment and critical thinking skills in the technical performance of nuclear medicine procedures by:

  • Analyzing the quality control results to determine appropriate action
  • Determining the acquisition parameters according to the protocol
  • Assessing a patient appropriately based upon the patient's medical data and study protocol
  • Applying the correct computer protocols accurately for processing studies

Perform procedures in a manner that reflects professionalism, effective communication skills and ethical and compassionate care by:

  • Practicing professionalism
  • Practicing effective communication skills
  • Practicing ethical care
  • Practicing compassionate care