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Respiratory Care Junior Option Selection & Progress


The purpose of the Junior Option track is to provide deserving entering freshmen the opportunity to achieve credentialing status prior to acquisition of their degree. Because of the rigorous nature of this curriculum structure, only new freshmen can be considered for this option.

The Option

This admission option provides the student accelerated eligibility for NBRC credentialing exams and earlier professional employment. It DOES NOT accelerate completion time for the BHS degree. The sequence of classes is rearranged to place many of the liberal arts courses in the senior year which otherwise would be taken in the sophomore year. The course re-sequencing in this option places the required courses for professional preparation into the freshman year with the professional courses offered in the sophomore and junior years. Successful completion of courses to this point makes the student eligible to attempt the NBRC exams after the spring trimester of the junior year. To comply with CoARC's requirements, the candidate must complete all requirements that would be expected of an individual applying for the credential with an associate's degree in respiratory care.