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Request for Consideration of Taking Course at Another College/University

Once enrolled in the Pinnacle Program, a student may request to take any remaining requisite general studies or elective coursework for degree completion at another college/university. All courses must be approved to meet program requirements prior to registering, in order to receive credit from another college/university. Students must submit a "Pinnacle Program Request To Take Course At Another College" form, which must be approved by the appropriate academic dean. Upon completion of the off-campus work, the student must have an official transcript sent from the approved college to BCHS; to earn transfer credit for approved courses, students must earn a grade of "C" or better.

When approved to take a course off-campus, students must submit a transcript at the end of the academic term of approval. If a student decides not to enroll in the course as originally approved, the student must notify BCHS to void the approval by mid-term of the term of approval; otherwise, the student needs to have documentation sent to BCHS from the Registrar of the college/university indicating that they did not enroll for the term of approval. Approval to take a course off-campus applies only to the academic term requested. If the student decides not to take a course as approved, the approval will become void and cannot be used for subsequent attempts without additional approval.