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Request for Consideration of Taking Course at Another College/University

Once a student enrolls at Baptist College of Health Sciences, he or she is required to complete all remaining degree requirements at Baptist College of Health Sciences. In special circumstances, students may request that a course requirement be completed elsewhere. In order for these credits to be accepted by Baptist College of Health Sciences, prior permission from the appropriate dean must be received. A form is available in the Registrar's office and on-line for requesting such permission. If approved, a minimum grade of "C" must be earned and an official transcript received by Baptist College of Health Sciences, before transfer credit will be awarded and recorded on the official transcript.

Approval to take a course off-campus applies only to the academic term requested. If the student decides not to take a course as approved, the approval will become void and cannot be used for subsequent attempts without additional approval.

Students approved to take a General Studies course off-campus, must make a minimum grade of a "C". If a grade of "C" is not attained, the "Progression Withdrawal" policy will apply by counting the grade made as the first unsuccessful attempt of the course.

Upon completion of the off-campus course work, the student must have a transcript sent from the approved college.