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Division of General and Health Studies


Barry Schultz

Dean and Associate Professor

Distinguished Faculty 2002

Carolyn Y. Green

Academic Operations Coordinator


Michelle Alexander

Assistant Professor, Biology

Paul H. Barkley

Associate Professor, Psychology & Religion

Regan Caldwell

Chair and Assistant Professor, Health Care Management

Christopher L. Church

Professor, Philosophy & Religion

Distinguished Faculty 2007

Roger D. Duke

Assistant Professor, Communication & Religion

Gregory Freeman

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Janet Heath

Professor, Mathematics

Lisa J. Hight

Associate Professor, Biology

Kendricks Hooker

Assistant Professor, Biology

Abby Johnston

Instructor, Sociology

Joshua Kerns

Assistant Professor, Biology

Patty Liddell

Supervisor, Science Laboratories

Michelle McDonald

Instructor, Biology

Mary Gwynne Millione

Associate Professor, English

Lucia Vanderpool

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Patricia Ann Waggener

Associate Professor, English

Joseph Weingarten

Associate Professor, Health Systems