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Arkansas State University Transfer Agreement

Since 2002, Arkansas State University at Jonesboro has participated in a joint program with BCHS that allows ASU students to complete, at the ASU campus, the majority of the general studies requirements for our respiratory care program.

Under this agreement, students who complete the required courses and meet all other admission requirements (GPA, Hobet) may be directly admitted to the professional portion of our program. These students will also be offered the opportunity to complete the first two clinical courses (RCP 300, RCP 301) at a Jonesboro acute-care hospital. All classroom work and subsequent clinical rotations are completed with their BCHS cohort at the College and at Memphis area clinical facilities.

Individuals seeking more information about this agreement may contact the BCHS Respiratory Care Program Chair (901-572-2568) or the ASU Allied Health Advisor (870-972-3702).