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Advanced Placement

Baptist College of Health Sciences may accept a maximum of 28 semester hours of advanced placement credit. Each course or examination must meet program requirements in order to be accepted. The Registrar's Office will provide information on courses which can be accepted as credit.

The two types of special advanced placement that can be reviewed for credit are as follows:

  1. College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB). Credit may be given for advanced placement courses taken in high school with a score of 3 or above. Credit will be given with a grade of "P" (pass), but no quality points will be awarded, nor will the credit be included in calculation of the student's cumulative GPA. A recording fee of $25.00 per course will be assessed.
  2. College Level Exam Program (CLEP). Credit will be given for specific subjects taken through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) if a score above the 50th percentile is obtained on each specific subject test. Credit earned through CLEP examinations is not included in calculating the student's cumulative GPA. The student will receive a grade of "P" (pass) for the equivalent course when the credit is awarded, but no quality points will be awarded. A recording fee of $25.00 per course will be assessed.

Credit may also be earned by passing approved in-house examinations, if available, that supports the curriculum of Baptist College. Fees for this type of exam may be charged based upon the type of exam taken.

No advanced placement will be granted for professional courses in the BCHS programs, except as accepted in the degree completion programs for practicing health care providers.