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Academic Progression

Health professions curricula are specifically sequenced to develop breadth and depth of knowledge and progressively complex competencies by building upon previous courses and experiences. Failure to master material in any course in a major produces gaps in knowledge and skills that may interfere with a student's subsequent academic success and may also negatively impact the patient care they will ultimately provide.

Satisfactory Progression. To achieve satisfactory academic progress, a student must:

  1. Maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  2. Earn a grade of at least a "C" in all courses.

Satisfactory academic progression in a major requires that all professional courses* be completed with a letter grade of at least a "C" before progressing to subsequent courses in the major degree plan.

In the case of unsatisfactory academic progression in the major, individual remediation and delayed progression plans will be developed by the academic program. These plans will be designed to correct any identified learning deficiencies and provide the best opportunity for successful acquisition of expected graduation competencies.

Repeating Courses. Students who receive a "D" or an "F" in a course must retake the course. The policy on repeating courses follows:

  1. Each General Studies course may be taken a maximum of two times.
  2. Only one course in the major may be taken two times*.
  3. Any course that is repeated must be taken at the Baptist College of Health Sciences.

A student who has not succeeded in a course may not repeat that course in an online format or in a directed study format unless it is approved by his/her advisor, program chair (if applicable), and dean of division where the course resides.

*Allied Health Science courses required in degree plans are considered professional courses for Allied Health majors.