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Campus Housing

What if I am unsatisfied with my assignment?

BCHS is hopeful that all residents will have pleasant roommate experiences. We recommend that you set boundaries with in the first couple of days of moving into the room- even if you already knew your roommate. The next step would be to communicate any issues or annoyances as they arise. Waiting or ignoring issues can create additional problems, which often make reconciliation unattainable.

What size are the rooms?

The sizes of rooms are all the same. The living area of each room is roughly 9’x12’. The closet, desk area, some usable balcony space (for inside balconies, and private bathroom (with a full tub) increase the room size a bit. {Click here for pictures}

How long are the beds?

Our mattresses are currently all regular twin mattresses. We will let you know if this changes.

Is cable service provided in each room?

Sorry, no cable in the rooms. Cable service is offered in the Residence Hall TV Lounge (room 302). The room has a large screen TV with basic cable channels. TVs are also located in the Student Activities Center (with satellite TV in the Annex) and in the Fitness Center (with basic cable).

Are there internet connections in each room?

Yes. Each residence hall room has two Internet connections separate from the telephone lines. You will need an ethernet card (and cable connections) to access the network. Both PCs and Macs are compatible with our network. For additional information, you can contact the Technology Staff at 901-572-2598. Click here to learn about BCHS's Internet usage policy.


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