Credit for Prior Learning

Baptist College of Health Sciences offers the opportunity for credit for prior learning (CPL) through the Health Care Management program.  The CPL process is designed to provide a pathway for professionals to receive academic credit for competency-based outcomes gained from past health care management related work or professional experiences. While Baptist College of Health Sciences does not award credit for experience alone, when learning has occurred and competence is properly documented and assessed, credit may be awarded.

The following questions might help you in determining whether you would be successful in applying for credit for prior learning:

  • Do you have five or more years of experience in one field?
  •   In your work in your field, have you been exposed to a broad range of experiences?
  • Do you usually feel in control of your own successes and failures?
  • Are you willing to assume new roles and responsibilities?
  • Do you keep abreast of changes in your profession by reading recent publications and by enrolling in credit or non-credit courses?
  • Are you involved or been involved in volunteer activities where you use your professional skills?
  • Do you formally and informally network with others in your field?
  • Can you demonstrate competence in relevant domains identified by Healthcare Leadership Alliance (
    1. Communication and Relationship Management
    2. Leadership
    3. Professionalism
    4. Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment
    5. Business Skills and Knowledge

If you answered “yes” to most of the questions, then you should investigate the process for credit for prior learning and talk with your appropriate academic advisor.