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Current Registered Nurses

Dear RN-BSN applicant:

As an RN, are you looking for a BSN curriculum track to advance your career; one that provides an effective bridge for diploma and ADN-prepared nurses who wish to develop strong clinical reasoning and analytical skills?

We invite you to explore our unique curriculum design. The RN-BSN program, designed for the working adult, is structured so students may complete their baccalaureate degree in twelve months full time, 14 to 18 months part-time. This format offers the independence and flexibility of taking classes online while at the same time providing a traditional classroom environment and support for other classes. It is ideal for students who are apprehensive about online programs but who do not have the time to attend a full campus-based program. It also allows greater flexibility in scheduling classes around work, daycare and other responsibilities.

The RN to BSN option begins in January and September of each year and ends with graduation the following December or April . Please refer to this packet for admissions criteria and all documents required for admission. The admissions deadlines are November 1 for the Spring trimester and June 1 for the Fall trimester.We suggest that you complete the pre-requisite courses listed in your packet before beginning the program. If, however, you have some pre-requisite courses that you must complete, we invite you to do so at Baptist College prior to beginning the RN to BSN program.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Lissa Morgan

Director of Admissions