Campus Organization for Recreational Programming Service

Who We Are
A dedicated team of student leaders committed to creating, planning, and facilitating student activities. Representatives of Baptist College of Health Sciences dedicated to making student life at the Baptist College a memorable experience through the development of relationships.

Mission Statement
Leading through service.

Through unity, leadership, and service, foster relationships with Christ and fellow students that last a lifetime.

Job Description
It is the responsibility of Baptist College Activity CORPS members to assist, as a team, in the planning, execution, and evaluation of all student activities under the leadership of the student government association’s vice president of programming and the student activities officer. Job duties attend activity CORPS meetings on a regular basis and provide input and feedback:

  1. Attend all the CORPS planning retreats.
  2. Become familiar with general activity planning and facilitation processes.
  3. Enhance your leadership knowledge and skills as they relate to teamwork and activities.
  4. Be prepared to volunteer in a variety of areas that lead to the success of student activities.
  5. Enhance your interpersonal skills and always be a team player.
  6. Learn to communicate effectively and always remain positive.