Community Action & Response Endeavor: connecting college with community. We are C.A.R.E., a group of community-minded students who, out of concern for the less fortunate, take action to help them overcome obstacles. This team is charged with planning, facilitaing, and participating in community service activity that is deemed essential to the overall good of the community. Community is defined as both internal and external to the college.

Mission Statement
The mission of C.A.R.E. is to provide and facilitate community service opportunities for Baptist College of Health Sciences student participation. Our goal is to develop community awareness and student leadership qualities with the expectation that these elements will be carried into the professional workplace for the enrichment of society.

Job Description
It is the responsibility of Baptist College C.A.R.E. members to assist, as a team, in the planning, facilitation, and evaluation of all community service activities under the leadership of the student government association’s vice president of community service and the student activities officer.

Job Duties:

  1. Attend all C.A.R.E. meetings on a regular basis and provide valuable input and feedback.
  2. Promote and attend all the C.A.R.E.-sponsored community service events.
  3. Familiarize yourself with general event planning and facilitation processes.
  4. Enhance your leadership knowledge and skills, particularly as they relate to teamwork.
  5. Be prepared to volunteer in areas that lead to the success of community service events.
  6. Enhance as needed, your inter-personal skills and always be a team player.
  7. Learn to communicate effectively and always remain positive.