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Campus Housing


On-campus housing is a safe, convenient, and affordable living alternative for Baptist College students in Memphis. Our housing is designed for single students who are without children and/or spouses. The environment is supportive and energetic.

Housing is conveniently located in the Main Campus Building in Memphis, making it conducive for residents to take full advantage of the many campus amenities, such as the Fitness Center, basketball, racquetball court, outdoor swimming pool, Health Sciences Library, computer labs, study rooms, campus activities, the CAE Learning Center, tutoring services, and student organizations, as well as social interaction with peers, staff, and faculty.

Residents create a community that thrives on social interaction, as well as educational and personal achievements. It is just as common to see residential students playing games, watching TV, eating together, or exercising as it is to see them participating in study groups, small-group Bible study, or prayer groups. This unique setting often takes on a family atmosphere in which students are comfortable to be themselves and develop as individuals within a community.