Biomedical Sciences

Announcing Our Exciting New Major in Biomedical Sciences

If you are a student who is preparing for a career in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, physical therapy, optometry, biomedical research, or other health-related fields, biomedical sciences is definitely the major for you. This major is also ideal for students who are interested in the health care field but are not yet sure of their specific goals.

The biomedical sciences major at Baptist College combines dynamic human health science courses with quality general education. Opportunities to develop health care research projects enhance the strong science-based curriculum which prepares students for graduate school.

A biomedical sciences major will have a unique advantage to complete courses that often are limited to graduate students, such as histology, immunology, epidemiology, and infectious diseases. Providing these courses at the undergraduate level gives our biomedical sciences graduates a competitive edge for admission to graduate and professional programs.      

Additionally, students will have an opportunity to choose a three-year track for those who wish to pursue early admission to graduate school in a professional program.

Curriculum highlights:
A strong science foundation with more than 60 hours of course work in the disciplines of biology and chemistry, including courses in histology, microbiology, pathophysiology, immunology, epidemiology, and infectious diseases. General education courses include biomedical ethics, spiritual aspects of health care, health and society, US health care systems, literature and medicine, and writing for the health profession.

Acceptance/Selection to Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical sciences applicants must meet the admission criteria to the college, as well as the criteria for admission to the major. Admission to the biomedical sciences program is competitive, and special attention will be given to all grades earned in math and science courses in addition to the minimum criteria required for consideration.

Admission to the college and to the biomedical sciences program will be simultaneous. Once you have been accepted to the college and to the biomedical sciences program, you must remain in good standing at Baptist College to progress through your curriculum. 

Students majoring in biomedical sciences are typically preparing for graduate work in pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, medicine, physical therapy, biomedical research, and other health-related fields that require high levels of academic performance in all undergraduate work.