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Baptist College Acquires State-Of-The-Art Teaching Tool with Foundation Grant

Thanks to a grant from the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation, the College has purchased the latest teaching tool available to colleges and universities. Using state-of-the-art rear projection technology and special goggles, the Virtual Environmental Radiotherapy Training (VERT™) system creates a three-dimensional environment that replicates a radiation therapy treatment room.


Using actual patient data and life-size graphics, VERT can reproduce almost every scenario virtually in the classroom. Students can take their time to learn and ask questions. The entire treatment process from start to finish can be replicated so students can see the results and discuss what could have been done differently. The VERT system provides students with a safe environment free from time pressures commonly encountered in busy radiation therapy departments.


“Of course, nothing can replace the real world clinical experience and the many issues and illnesses real patients can present,” said Lasley, “but with VERT we can better prepare our students by allowing them to get hands-on experience in a less intimidating environment before they go into the clinic.”


Along with M.D. Anderson's School of Health Professions at the University of Texas, Baptist College is currently one of only 10 sites in the United States, and 80 worldwide, to have this new teaching technology.


 To watch a video demonstration of VERT, visit: