Admission to the College

If you have graduated from high school and are in your first year of college, Baptist College strongly recommends that you apply for admission as early in your college career as possible and complete your prerequisites at Baptist College.  

Although admission to the college does not guarantee acceptance/selection to a professional program/major, priority for acceptance/selection is given to freshmen and current Baptist College students.

The criteria for admission to the college for a college freshman for Fall 2015 (1-29 hours) are listed below.

Attention Spring 2015 applicants: The number of hours required for admission to the college for a college freshman is 1-30 hours; all other criteria listed below are the same.

  • Submit an application for admission.
  • Submit, at the time of application, your high school transcript from an accredited high school that shows the most recent high school GPA and all courses taken. Send a final transcript after graduation. As a high school student, you must complete four years of English, two years of math, and two years of science with at least a C average.
  • Submit transcripts from all colleges attended with a minimum 2.70 GPA in college-level classes.
  • Submit ACT/SAT scores and high school grade point average (GPA) that meet the minimum following scale.
18/870 2.85
19/910  2.80
20/950  2.75
21/990 2.70
22/1030 2.65