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What are clinicals and when do they begin?

The term "clinicals" refers to the specific time in your collegiate career that you begin your professional courses in your stated major, which will include required hours at an assigned clinical site.  Once admitted to Baptist College, you are given an anticipated clinical date as a part of your acceptance.

Clinical dates are assigned to students based on available openings and the number of hours of transferable college level credit that an applicant has at the time of acceptance.  This means that for freshmen applicants with 0-30 hours of college level credit, the anticipated clinical starting date is typically two academic years after initial enrollment at Baptist College.  For transfer applicants with 31 or more hours of  college level credit, the clinical starting date varies, but is typically at least one or more academic years after initial enrollment to Baptist College.  

While we suggest that students enter Baptist College as a beginning freshman so that you can complete your bachelors' degree in four years, we do welcome transfer students as well.  If you are entering Baptist College as a transfer student, we suggest that you complete most of your general studies requirements at Baptist College while anticipating your clinical starting date.  Those who come to Baptist College with more than 31 hours of  college level credit will be advised to distribute your remaining general studies courses over the trimesters leading up to your clinical starting date.   

The admissions officers will discuss the anticipated clinical starting dates with each applicant during the time you are visiting the campus at an open house, or during an individual appointment.