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Who is my contact to complete the admissions process?

The Baptist College of Health Sciences admissions office staff will assist you throughtout this process. Please call the staff for more informtaion at 901-575-2247; or contact Lissa Morgan, manager of admissions, at 901-572-2441.

Will my previous course work transfer?

Official transcripts will be reviewed thoroughly for transfer credit approval.  While any Computer Concepts course must have been taken within the last three years, required science courses are not limited to a time period.  If a student has had a computer science course over three years ago, they may sit for a challenge exam.  Students have a right to appeal if a course was not transferred by

Do I have to finish the prerequisite requirements before I start the curriculum listed on the sample plan?

A progression plan is designed to address your individual needs, with a graduation date in mind!  Once you enroll, you will need to complete all other prerequisite courses at Baptist College of Health Sciences unless you receive permission in advance from the Dean of General Studies to take courses elsewhere.  It is strongly recommended that all prerequisite courses be completed so that you may

How long will it take to complete the degree requirements?

Provided that you have completed the prerequisite courses before you begin the RN-BSN program, the degree will be 12 months in length.  The program begins each January with graduation the following December.

What are the benefits of this program versus others?

We believe our program offers flexibility and choice with a combination of online and blended (hybrid) course delivery, which addresses the needs of the adult learner.  Additionally, our track record demonstrates students finish what they start out to achieve!  An added bonus is that our tuition and fees are aligned with state colleges and universities, including no out-of-state tuition and fees


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