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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Faculty Listing

This is the text for the faculty listing for DMS.

Health Records

Students are reminded that immunizations must be kept up-to-date in order to avoid a hold at the time of pre-registration for each term. A TB skin test must remain current each year that you are enrolled, and some immunizations require a series and/or a titer to be complete. Questions about your health records and immunizations should be directed to Mr. Tom Crouse, RN, at UT Health Services at 901-448-1384.

How is your school different from other sonography schools that offer a certificate, associate degree or six month training courses?

The DMS major is accredted by CAAHEP on recommendation by the JRC-DMS. A complete listing of all accreditated schools in the nation can be found at Our degree allows students to receive educational concentrations in General, Vascular and Cardiac.

Do I have to be an x-ray technologist to enter the DMS major?

No, the DMS major does not require any previous medical licensure or training. Students are also not required to complete any previous college work prior to admission to the college.

Do you offer night or weekend courses? Can I work full-time and obtain my degree?

DMS courses are only offered during the weekday. There are some general study courses that can be taken at night, online, or on weekends.


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