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Division of General & Health Studies

General and health studies offers a bachelors of health sciences (BHS) with a major in health care management. Beginning in the fall 2013 trimester, the division will offer a major in biomedical sciences. This degree will prepare students for graduate studies in the areas of medicine, physician assistant, physical therapy, dentistry, optometry, occupational therapy, or pharmacy. The division also offers minors in the areas of health care management and interdisciplinary studies.

General education courses in communication, sociology, psychology, literature, religion, philosophy, mathematics, and science are also offered through the division of general and health studies. Whether pursuing a four-year bachelor's degree in nursing, diagnostic medical sonography, medical radiography, nuclear medicine technology, radiation therapy, or respiratory care, students will take general and health studies courses as part of the curriculum during their first two years at Baptist College of Health Sciences.

Message from the Dean, Division of General and Health Studies:Barry Schultz, Dean, Division of General and Health Studies, Baptist College of Health Sciences

Believing that everyone needs to know how to make a life, as well as how to make a living, the general and health studies faculty encourages students to cultivate a love for the beautiful, a zest for the intellectual, and an appreciation for the values of others as well as for their own. The faculty approaches these subjects from the standpoint of the college's mission statement: to teach all general and health studies courses within a Christian atmosphere in which all truth is recognized as God's truth, and the faithful search for truth is seen as an act of devotion. In addition to the objectives that all students are equipped to be productive citizens in their churches, communities, and families, general and health studies courses also provide foundational skills that will be essential for success in selected major courses and later in students' careers.

Barry Schultz, PhD
Dean, Division of General and Health Studies